See you in 2013

This last quarter of 2012 hasn’t been easy on my schedule, so I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for the remainder of the year and focus on the issues I absolutely must address.

Remember you can still browse through the archives and post comments. 🙂

Here are the rewards I’ll give myself for completing my MA in Translation Studies, which has to be done in the next six weeks:

  • start 2013 blogging happily again (without feeling bad about postponing those school assignments),
  • implement new stuff on the blog, and
  • have more guest writers collaborating with new content (I’ve been exchanging ideas with a few colleagues).

(These sound more like new year’s resolutions.)

Gosh, this is the earliest I’ve ever said these words… but I wish you all a great holiday season and an amazing start to the new year!

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